Restaurant insurance: what makes the industry unique

Coverage Types

Liability insurance: this is a blanket term for a wide variety of coverages that protect restaurateurs in case of the unexpected, the most common being general liability, product liability, and liquor liability.

General liability protects the business in the event of lawsuits stemming from injuries or damages that may have occurred on the business site.
Product liability covers in events of illnesses or injury caused by products purchased from the business (including food-borne illnesses), and liquor liability shields the business from lawsuits stemming from “liability for bodily injury (BI) or property damage (PD) arising out of the serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages by a party not engaged in this activity as a business enterprise.” (

Other types of coverage that restaurants might want to ensure their policy covers include: spoilage of inventory, business equipment and equipment breakdown, crime, employee dishonesty, burglary, and robbery, business interruption and property of others.

One way to get the right level of coverage is to purchase a Business Owner’s Policy.

What makes a business owner’s policy different?

Business owner’s policies bundle property insurance, business interruption insurance, commercial vehicle coverage together with a wide range of liability and insurance coverages to cover any eventuality a business owner may come up against. Because they are packaged together in one policy, they are generally less expensive than buying all the policies separately. They are also customizable to fit your business’s individual needs. And as Colorado’s leading independent insurance brokerages, we can provide quotes from many of the nation’s top insurers; helping you find coverage at the right price.

What information will we need to get started?

In order to assess your business’ needs, there are a few things we recommend you bring. First, any information regarding building size, capacity, and whether the building is owned, rented or leased. Next, any food and alcohol licenses as well as information on business revenue, liquor sales numbers, how many employees you have, and anything that pertains to how the business is run. If your business will need auto coverage, vehicle information will be needed as well. With this we can work with you to build the coverage that you will need and only what you need.

Running a restaurant in Colorado can be a rewarding experience, let us help make it one that thrives.

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